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Gb Sciences Completes $8 Million Sale of Las Vegas Cannabis Facility

Gb Sciences Targets COVID-19 Treatment as Omicron Variant Arrives

Gb Sciences Is Developing Plant-Inspired Mixtures for Anxiety, Depression, and Pain From PhAROS

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GBLX’s novel drug discovery program produced 5 issued US and 2 issued international patents, as well as 19 US and 40 international patent-pending applications. We have 4 preclinical phase drug programs in our pipeline, and our Parkinson’s therapeutics are being prepared for a First-in-Man trial.

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The strength of our R & D pipeline has been the participation of world class researchers from 9 international universities over the past 7 years. Together, we have assembled the ultimate toolkit to create the future of medicine; AI technology, plant-based medicine, and hard sciences.

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Translating new drug principles into real world medicines requires expertise in several disciplines. Our partners help make our dream of novel plant-inspired medicines a reality by providing expertise in cGMP-certified active ingredients and novel oral delivery methods.

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Our Goal is to preserve the efficacy of plant-based medicines while reducing their complexity for standardization.

Our Strategy is to combine our proprietary PhAROS Drug Discovery Platform and High Throughput Screening of Cell and Animal Models of Specific Disease Processes to Create Rationally-Designed, Minimum Essential Mixtures.

About Gb Sciences, Inc. (OTCQB:GBLX)

  • Plant-based Drug Development
  • Extensive R & D Network includes multiple universities, hospitals & CROs
  • PhAROS Discovery Platform generates unique Drug Candidates & Intellectual Property
  • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients: Synthetic homologues identical to plant compounds
  • Parkinson’s Disease (PD): Patent issued; IND ready Q1 2022
  • Chronic Pain (CP): Patent issued;  Animal study at NRC Canada
  • COVID-Cytokine Release Syndrome (CRS): Patent filed; Positive P of C results at MSU
  • Anti-Inflammatory (AI): Patent issued;  Animal P of C ready
  • Anxiety & Depression: Patent Filed; P of C study at NRC Canada