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GrowBLOX Sciences, Inc., “GB Sciences” (GBLX), is a biopharmaceutical research and development company with state-of-the-art technologies in plant biology and cultivation, which are designed to produce consistent medicinal cannabis. Our mission is to introduce a comprehensive turn key solution for the manufacturing of safe, consistent, and effective cannabis-based therapeutic products, which are certified under our Quality Management System. Our focus is on creating novel cannabis-based therapies that address patients with underserved clinical needs; including drug development toward therapies that might receive orphan drug designations from the US FDA.   GB Sciences has created a business model that can be replicated in states with medical marijuana programs. Our GBLX Business Solutions encompasses genetics, cultivation, extraction, product design and retail solutions. We then apply our Quality Management System to certify our cannabis-based products. In addition, the entire business is monitored and controlled through our data-driven model for operations that feeds in to the research and development algorithms that ensure continuous learning.
Tony Oritz PHD
TissueBLOX™Our innovative TissueBLOX™ system is designed to ensure genetic uniformity of GB Sciences’ proprietary strains. The tissue culture incubator is programmed to regulate lighting, temperature, and humidity to facilitate cell multiplication and the formation of embryos and shoots from the sterile explants. After roots forms, the plantlets are transferred to a GrowBLOX™ chamber where the roots are placed into Aerologic media block.
GB Sciences | Subsidiaries
Daniel Chueh MD
Dr. Tony Ortiz will spearhead development of human clinical trial protocols and provide regulatory guidance through the FDA process. He is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of NRC Research Institute. Dr. Ortiz has over eighteen years of experience in pharmaceutical research and development and has worked on over 250 preclinical and clinical research protocols.
A Safe and Comfortable Experience The integration of biometrics and other advanced technologies at The Apothecary by GB Sciences will make the registration, consultation, and procurement process easy and safe to ensure a smooth, stress-free patient experience. Highly trained and certified staff will work with patients to determine their medical needs, identify therapeutic products, install GB Sciences mobile app on their hand-held devices, and demonstrate how to place orders. Apothecary patient-care professionals will know more about cannabinoid therapy than most physicians, since doctors are rarely trained in cannabinoid therapy. They will be trained in the science of cannabis so they can help patients choose the cannabinoid therapy products that are most likely to be effective in treating their medical conditions.
Dr. Daniel Chueh will supervise GB Sciences’ human clinical trials and formulate physician treatment protocols for GB Sciences’ cannabinoid therapies. He is the founder and Clinical Global Leader for NRC Research Institute and its worldwide operations.  The NRC Research institute is an internationally recognized, dedicated clinical research center and Contract Research Organization (CRO) for the development of investigational products.
GrowBlox™ Empowers us to:
Dr. Ortiz started his career at the University of California, Irvine Medical Center utilizing brain imaging techniques and conducting clinical trials. He has extensive experience in pre-clinical research and Pre-IND activities at Allergan, Inc., with various small and large molecules. Dr. Ortiz has consulted with various global pharmaceutical companies, such as AstraZeneca, Novo Nordisk, and Eli Lilly on their clinical research programs and regulatory filings, including IND preparations and submissions. At NRC Research Institute, Dr. Ortiz oversees the day-to-day clinical research operation, including a Phase I in-patient unit. NRC Research Institute has been involved in the FDA approval of various investigational products that are now available in the marketplace. Dr. Ortiz has served as Principal Investigator on various indications and has been awarded investigator-initiated grants from various pharmaceutical companies to investigate exploratory indications. He is trained and certified to administer various psychiatric and neuropsychological scales and assessments for the diagnosis of psychiatric/psychological disorders and diseases.
GB Sciences patented  AeroVAPOR™ Aeroponic Fogging system. 
Dr. Chueh has been the Principal Investigator for over 200 clinical trials in various indications, including but not limited to Alzheimer’s disease, bipolar disorder, Parkinson’s disease, and schizophrenia. He has been awarded investigator-initiated grants for the investigation of exploratory indications. Dr. Chue is the Director of Psychiatry at Coastal Communities Hospital and Huntington Beach Hospital. As the Medical Director of Senior Care Communities, he has overseen the care at over twenty Alzheimer’s facilities. More recently he has appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America as its psychiatric expert. In his spare time he produces a fishing show, Stoked on Fishing, for Fox Sports West, and he breeds and races thoroughbred horses.
GB Sciences | Our Mission
Water waste and risk of root rot are minimized by the GrowBLOX™ chamber’s patented AeroVAPOR™ system. In our intelligent, programmable system, nutrient-infused water enters the chamber and is trickled down over the base of the shoots. Excess water collects in the root compartment and is vaporized into an extremely fine fog that keeps roots optimally moist and fed while allowing them to breathe high levels of oxygen, which facilitates rapid growth.
Daniel ChuehMD
Isolation and Protection
Lucas MarinDir. of Product Development
Dr. Helen Turner will be instrumental in developing preclinical trials of GB Sciences’ proprietary cannabinoid therapies and CME-accredited educational programs for physicians and GB Sciences’ dispensary staff members. She is Dean of Natural Sciences and Mathematics and a tenured biology Professor at Chaminade University.
The Perfect Growing Environment Watch this video to see how the GrowBLOXTM system helps overcome several challenges that conventional growers face. In most conventional cultivation operations, every time a person or object enters the facility, every plant is at risk of contamination, pest infestation, or disease. The GrowBLOXTM computer-regulated system optimizes the nutrients, water, temperature, and gas levels, which can cause undesirable variations in product quality and potency. GrowBLOXTM overcomes these challenges by isolating the plants and regulating the environment for optimal and replicable growth conditions. The GrowBLOXTM software is designed so that each strain of cannabis will be grown under conditions to produce the same certified ratios of cannabinoids and terpenoids with  every harvest
Dr. Long NguyenDirector of Technology
Helen TurnerPHD
Set highest standard of purity and hygiene in cannabis industry Optimize strain-specific growing conditions Achieve consistently replicable results Enable strain diversity in large-scale production Facilitate fast and simple setup of duplicate operations Accelerate regulatory certification by replicating successful grow operations Protect against infection, contamination, and cross-pollination
She is a respected immunologist, and she holds affiliate professorship and graduate faculty appointments at the John A. Burns School of Medicine at the University of Hawaii. Dr. Turner received her PhD in 1998 from the Imperial Cancer Research Fund, University College London, and she was a Wellcome Trust International Prize postdoctoral fellow at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center/Harvard Medical School from 1998 to 2000. From 2000 to 2007 she was Associate Director of Research at the Queen’s Medical Center in Hawaii, receiving her first major NIH research grant within four years of her PhD. Dr. Turner has published several peer-reviewed research papers on cannabinoids, including CB1 and CB2 in the immune system and the ionotropic cannabinoid receptors TRPV1 and TRPA1. She is currently funded by the National Institutes of Health, the National Science Foundation, and the US Air Force. She engages in research, capacity building, and grant review for diverse state and federal agencies and is a leader in Hawaii’s statewide science capacity building efforts. She was honored as a member of the Pacific Business News 40 Under 40 class of 2009 and is a founding fellow of the academic Executive Leadership Academy at UC Berkeley. Dr. Turner is cofounder of TwoFox Concepts, LLC, a science and education consulting company.
Alfredo L. Axtmayer MD
GB Sciences | Our Team
GB Sciences | Scientific Advisory Board
Tony OritzPHD
Wayne Love brings his broad experience in engineering to GB Sciences, Inc. An experienced engineering consultant and R&D engineer, he has spent the past fifteen months living and working in China to perfect the GrowBLOX™ chamber and to assist in its scale-up for full manufacturing. He is educated, trained, and experienced in equipment engineering, robotics, computer numerical control (CNC) programming, CNC manufacturing, product design, and computer-aided design (CAD). Mr. Love’s rich and interesting work history includes helping to bring to life the Robosaurus, a fire-breathing, car-crushing monster robot. Mr. Love studied at the University of Advancing Computer Technology in Phoenix, Arizona.
GB Sciences | The Apothecary
CureBLOX™ Until now, curing cannabis has been more of an art form than a science.  We have taken the guesswork out of the drying process by collecting data and building a comprehensive database of strain-specific curing protocols to ensure consistent curing results every time. The curing process affects the quality and purity of cannabis products as much as the grow itself.  The CureBLOX™ module enables us to eliminate the risk of mold growth and ensure that the chemical profile of our products is consistent from harvest to harvest and location to location.
Craig Ellins CEO and Director
Light Nutrition
Wayne Love Lead Product Engineer
Dr. Ulrich Reimann-Philipp aims to apply his extensive academic and private-sector research experience to the transition of cannabis from pot to medicine. An expert in growing plants under laboratory conditions, Dr. Ulrich Reimann-Philipp specializes in purification and characterization of plant chemical products, plant molecular genetics, and plant defenses against pests and pathogens, in both conventionally and in hydroponic systems. He is a noted plant biologist and water-quality expert, and he is named as the inventor of several US patents. Dr. Ulrich Reimann-Philipp received his PhD in Plant Science from the University of Kiel, Germany.
Craig Ellins is known as an innovative entrepreneur who has consistently and accurately identified emerging market trends and created companies with proprietary products to capitalize on these trends.
John Abroon MD
Root Zone Nutrients
After beginning his career in the import/export industry, Mr. Ellins has gone on to create innovative companies in areas ranging from technology and media to hydroponic food production and medical cannabis patient advocacy. In recent years, Mr. Ellins has become a highly respected industry expert in the emerging medical cannabis market. As Chairman of Phototron Holdings, Inc. (PHOT) in 2009, Mr. Ellins created an education program to help medical cannabis patients cultivate personal medical cannabis. Mr. Ellins then developed GrowBLOX™, the cutting-edge medical-grade hydroponic growing chambers specifically designed for the cultivation of symptom-specific medicinal cannabis strains. These chambers are the flagship growing mechanism for GB Sciences Nevada. Mr. Ellins’s unmatched care for patients has been fueled by his long-time desire to make medical cannabis available to those who need it. His own mother, Margie, became ill several years ago and was in such tremendous pain that the doctors didn’t know how to effectively help her. After turning to medical cannabis treatments and seeing the incredible results, he knew he must continue his efforts in the burgeoning medical cannabis industry. Through years of study, patient advocacy, and research into specific strains, Mr. Ellins has helped hundreds of patients with medical cannabis cultivation education and support. Because he has seen firsthand how patients respond positively to medical cannabis treatments, he has dedicated his life to improving the lives of others through innovation in the medical cannabis industry. Mr. Ellins is also the Founder of The Newmanity Living Foundation, a nonprofit 50l(c)(3) dedicated to the cultivation and distribution of locally grown, pesticide and herbicide-free organic produce.
Ulrich Reimann-Philipp, PHD, Biologist Cultivation Manager
WAYNE LOVELead Product Engineer
Helen Turner PHD
Craig Ellins CEO and Director
GB Sciences: 6450 Cameron St. Ste 110  Las Vegas, NV 89118 Email:
Are you the ideal partner for GB Sciences' turn-key business solution for the medical cannabis industry? Ask us if GB Sciences can fast-track an operation in your state.
Alfredo L. Axtmayer MD
LUCAS MARINDirector of Product Development
John Abroon MD
ULRICH REIMANN-PHILIPP, PHD Biologist and Cultivation Manager
In the GrowBLOX™ cabinet, each plant is fed a customized blend of nutrients. We developed recipes that promote the maximum production of the desired cannabinoids and terpenes of each strain. The GrowBLOX™chamber delivers nutrients from a range of stock solutions through peristaltic pumps directly onto the exposed roots. The nutrients are recycled through our AeroVAPOR™ fogging system to ensure that they are taken up completely. Throughout the grow cycle, the nutrient blends are continuously adjusted to the plant’s needs at each stage of development. This not only results in healthy and productive plants, but also minimizes nutrient and water consumption, eliminating wastewater discharge. All of our nutrient formulations are made from our mineral salts. This eliminates the risk of contamination from harmful substances such as the heavy metals found in many organic fertilizers.
In addition to being our Director of product development Lucas Marin is also a founding member of the GB Sciences team.  With a solid background in new product development and industrial design, Mr. Marin brings to the team a strong comprehension of managing logistics and supply chains for the bioceutical and nutraceutical markets.   Most recently, Mr. Marin has worked on developing antibacterial topical compounds and surfactants for professional sports and private medical facilities. In addition to his experience in development of new products Mr. Marin has spent the last decade designing experiential marketing campaigns and product launches for top-tier organizations such as Medco, AOL, SPRINT and WIRED Magazine. 
Dr. Alfredo L. Axtmayer will assist GB Sciences in its efforts to create clinical treatment protocols using cannabinoid therapies for multiple medical conditions, including pain management. He is a Clinical Instructor in Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation at Yale University School of Medicine, as well as an Assistant Clinical Professor in its Department of Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation. He is also an Associate Professor at the Mid-State Medical Center Campus Department of Surgery.
Dr. John Abroon will help GB Sciences validate its cannabinoid treatment protocols. He is a board-certified general practitioner who specializes in diagnostic and preventive medicine. He completed his residency program at Westchester County Medical Center in 1986. After three years of research in liver diseases, he has published a number of articles on liver cirrhosis in The American Journal of Gastroenterology and the Journal of Hepatology.
He has authored instructional course lectures on the management and diagnosis of prosthetic joint infections, hip fractures, carpal tunnel syndrome, and medial knee osteoarthritis, and he has written academy guidelines on the management of knee osteoarthritis, low back pain, hip fractures, and rotator cuff disorders. He received his BA from Yale and his MD from Yale University School of Medicine.
Dr. Abroon is affiliated with Mount Sinai and Lenox Hill hospitals and has strong working relationships with prestigious New York specialists at a number of area hospitals and medical facilities. His extensive network of practitioners allows access to the latest medical information and he is able to provide patients with excellent doctor recommendations that he trusts. In his private practice, Dr. Abroon has an interest in preventive medicine and wellness care, and he incorporates alternative therapies and good old-fashioned home remedies into cutting-edge medical practices. He ensures that each patient receives one-on-one attention, with no physician assistants or nurse practitioners seeing patients in lieu of the doctor. He maintains affiliations with Mount Sinai and Lenox Hill hospitals in Manhattan. He received his medical degree from Universidad CIFAS. His first year of residency was completed at Cabrini Hospital in New York City and his last two years of residency were finished at Westchester County Medical Center.
GrowBLOX control console allows for system wide remote monitoring and control of the growing environment. 
The GrowBlox™ optimized LED array ensures the leaves nearthe base of the plant receive as much light nutrition as the  leaves on top of the plant.
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Each GrowBLOX™ cabinet monitors and automatically adjusts nutrient levels, temperature, humidity, and aeration based on predetermined strain-specific settings. Our software integration scales to any type of facility from single large-scale grow operations to a number of geographically distributed grow rooms. This allows you to monitor and adjust settings on-site using the HMI touch-screen or remotely using our app. All GB Sciences grow operations are also monitored by GB Sciences’ Central Control Center (GBC3). This allows GB Sciences to collect and process data that ultimately leads to increased knowledge of clinical applications of cannabinoid therapy.
Dr. Long Nguyen combines a deep-rooted knowledge of scientific research with an entrepreneurial vision of technology. An underlying theme of his research has been the collection and analysis of “big data” to gain insights that would otherwise remain hidden. Dr. Nguyen has architected and implemented software development methodologies on an enterprise scale for over a decade at Discover Financial Services, Inc. and other large financial, insurance, and retail clients. He cofounded a Y Combinator-funded startup in 2008. Focusing on the infrastructure and technology that enables an idea, projects since then have included monitoring and visualization of network-connected systems and a broadcast network for short-form video. Dr. Nguyen received a Bachelor of Science in Physics from Harvard (Summa Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa) and a Doctorate in physics from the University of Chicago.
Andrea Small - Howard. PhD, MBA CSO
GrowBLOX™ chambers are equipped with today’s most advanced and energy-efficient LED technology to deliver the optimal light spectrum and intensity for each growth phase. In contrast to conventional grow operations, each plant is illuminated evenly from all sides to maximize growth and production. By controlling the lighting in each GrowBLOX™ cabinet separately, a diversity of strains and grow phases can be supported in one grow facility.
Cathryn KennedyCFO
Andrea Small-Howard, PhD, MBA, CSO
DR. LONG NGUYENDirector of Technology
Dr. Andrea Small-Howard leverages broad biopharmaceutical industry knowledge and contacts in her current dual roles as the Chief Science Officer and member of the Board of Directors at GB Sciences, Inc.
She brings to GB Sciences a passion for advancing clinical research on medicinal applications of cannabinoid compounds in cannabis plants, clinical experience in conducting cannabinoid research, strategic vision for creating a vertically integrated biopharmaceutical pipeline based on the companies’ proprietary technology suite, and a track record of successes in the management of biopharmaceutical companies. Dr. Small-Howard originally received her AB from Occidental College (Magna Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa), in addition to receiving both an MBA (Beta Gamma Sigma) and a PhD (USC All­University Merit Fellow) in biological sciences from the University of Southern California. As a post-doctoral fellow at the Queens Medical Center in Honolulu, Hawaii, Dr. Small-Howard led a project group dedicated to the study of cannabinoids in the immune system and published two peer-reviewed papers on the subject. At the John A. Bums School of Medicine – University of Hawaii, she led a productive research team as a Research Assistant Professor. Dr. Small-Howard has held management positions at AMDL, Inc. (a small public biotech company), where she took the lead in every stage of product development from discovery through commercialization. As Vice President of Scientific Oversight at Radient Pharmaceuticals Corp. (RPC), she provided strategic technical and regulatory oversight for global product development in multiple international business divisions. At RPC, she also played an active role in creating collaboration agreements with development partners and research institutions, and she contributed to critical licensing and distribution agreements. In 2011, Dr. Small-Howard founded International Biotechnology Solutions to provide management consulting with a focus on assisting US biotech companies with products that could be commercialized within the Asia-Pacific region. In her consulting, she has successfully completed projects within the areas of business development, corporate alliance building, product commercialization, corporate restructuring, and management of successful fundraising campaigns. Currently, she also serves on the Board of Directors for the Center for Healthcare Innovation, a nonprofit, non-partisan, and independent organization based in Chicago that is committed to serving as a catalyst for stimulating ideas, people, companies, and institutions to collaborate and achieve excellence in healthcare innovation.
Collection and analysis of the two sets of data—cannabis strain potency and patient response to therapy—will enable GB Sciences to monitor and validate dosage levels and their effectiveness in treating specific medical conditions.
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GB Sciences is creating cannabis-based therapies for specific clinical conditions based on an understanding of how cannabinoids interact with the natural receptors in the human body. By using insights gained into which cannabinoid and terpenoid compounds naturally found in the Cannabis plant correspond to cannabinoid receptors involved in different disease-specific pathways, we can formulate targeted combinations of active ingredients for each condition.
GB Sciences maximizes the genetic potential of each Cannabis strain through genetic consistency and providing ideal strain-specific growing conditions. TissueBLOX uses tissue propagation to ensure each plant for a strain starts with the same genetic profile. Our pioneering GrowBLOX chambers isolate and protect the growing plants while providing complete control and monitoring of the environment for their entire lifecycle.
Technology Suite GB Sciences has re-engineered indoor cultivation for the 21st century.  Our system consisting of TissueBLOX, GrowBLOX and CureBLOX allows us to deliver safe, consistent Cannabis-based products. Each step in the process is designed for consistency, repeatability and control.  TissueBLOX uses tissue propagation to ensure genetic consistency. GrowBLOX chambers implement a computerized algorithm for unparalleled control of the growing conditions required over the entire lifecycle of each individual Cannabis plant. CureBLOX provides anti-microbial treatment and curing. Additional innovations such as our proprietary AeroVapor system in combination with hydroponics allow our technology suite to be both water and energy efficient.
GB SCIENCES A Turn-Key Business Solution: Transforming Cannabis Into Safe, Consistent Medicine
GB Sciences is developing a comprehensive line of highly effective Cannabis-based therapies ranging from medicine to consumer health and beauty products. Each harvest grown using our scalable system will contain the same ratios of medicinal compounds, allowing for the creation of standardized Cannabis-based products. This is a critical factor when creating medicinal formulations and nutraceutical products.
GB Sciences has designed a unique environment for our cannabinoid therapy providers to deliver exceptional patient care. GB Sciences incorporates biometrics and other advanced technologies to authenticate patient eligibility, simplified order processing, and enhanced security in retail outlets so our staff can focus on what's important: personalized patient therapies.
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Mobile Applications Our GBLX-PRO (Patient Reported Outcome) app collects real-time feedback on the effectiveness of prescreened Cannabis strains and allows GB Sciences to optimize treatments for our patients. Optional features such as impairment testing and biometric measurements add objective data points and can be used within the course of a Cannabis therapy trial.  Easy to use and readily accessible, this app serves as our drug discovery engine and allows our disease-specific treatments to improve over time.
GB Sciences employs a Big Data approach to all aspects of our business. From cultivation in our technology suite of TissueBLOX, GrowBLOX and CureBLOX to patient clinical testing using our GBLX-PRO app, data is collected and analyzed to improve our processes and ensure the safety and consistency of our products, as well as discover and optimize disease-specific GBLX therapies.
Inspired by nature - Created for patients  GB Sciences (OTCQB: GBLX)- merges state-of-the-art technologies in plant biology, cultivation and post-production processes in order to optimize safe, consistent medical Cannabis.  The company is pioneering technologies and industry-leading processes in combination with a Big Data-driven clinical research and development program to bring relief to patients in communities across the country.
Micro Apothecary
GB SCIENCES NV, LLC - Our Nevada majority-owned partnership in which holds the license for growing and processing of cannabis products for medicinal purposes in the State of Nevada.  GB SCIENCES PUERTO RICO, INC. - Our subsidiary created to explore and promote medical research and products in Puerto Rico.
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The integration of biometric and other advanced technologies at The Apothecary by GB Sciences™ will make the registration, consultation, and procurement process easy and safe and ensure a smooth and stress-free patient experience. Highly trained and certified staff will work with patients to determine their medical needs, identify therapeutic products, install GB Sciences’.
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Convenient Ways to ShopOnce registered with GB Sciences, patients will be able to shop for medicine in multiple ways. They can pre-order online from a desktop computer or handheld mobile device, or they can place orders in person with the assistance of patient-care staff. Patients can even browse GB Sciences product displays and place items in a virtual shopping cart by scanning QR codes with their mobile devices. In-Store Security and ConvenienceGB Sciences is incorporating security measures into its facilities to make your shopping experience easier and safer than ever before. Cameras at The Apothecary entrance will identify returning patients, and biometric thumb readers will match patients to their orders at the pickup window. Security is enhanced because no cash changes hands on The Apothecary premises. Patients will add funds to their accounts using an in-store kiosk that accepts cash deposits and is emptied each day by an armored security firm. In locations where delivery is permitted, GB Sciences delivery drivers will ensure positive identification and direct-to-patient delivery using handheld mobile devices with patient verification software. Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO) Patients data can be continuously monitored and adjusted to improve the efficacy of individual treatment plans while contributing to the advancement of cannabinoid therapy in general. Aggregated data that patients submit using our electronic Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO) application will be associated with the cannabinoid therapy products they are using. This data will be analyzed and applied to product efficacy studies and clinical trials, enabling us to refine treatment plans while advancing therapeutic knowledge. Participation is voluntary, and all patient's data will be secured as HIPAA-compliant protected health information (PHI), ensuring the confidentiality of each patient’s medical records.
Cathryn Kennedy CFO
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Cathryn Kennedy has experience in a number of different financial roles at firms ranging from start-ups to public companies, she will be invaluable in supporting our growth as we work to bring relief to patients in communities across the country through medical marijuana.
Prior to joining GB Sciences, Ms. Kennedy served in a number of financial roles, including as CFO of eCommLink Inc. and as Director of SEC Reporting at Pinnacle Entertainment Inc. between 2005 and 2008. She was integral in establishing corporate governance policies, managing complex transaction processing, and handling M&A in these previous roles. “I am excited to join the team at GB Sciences,” said Ms. Kennedy. “We are just starting to scratch the surface of  cannabis-based therapies potential to treat historically difficult diseases and conditions and I look forward to operating at the forefront of the industry alongside CEO Craig Ellins, CSO Andrea Small-Howard, and other members of the executive team to unlock this potential"
Cathryn Kennedy CFO
GB Sciences has an unmatched approach to the creation of cannabis-based products. Beginning with certified active ingredients in an eye-catching packaging presentation, our product lines have been designed with the patient experience in mind. All GB Sciences products are tested for quality and efficacy assuring a consistent and reliable cannabis based product.  Our In-house product development team offers a turnkey solution to creating and developing consumer ready brands. Ask us how you can partner with one of our current product lines …or let us create one for you! 
Trying to reproduce environmental conditions, conventional hydroponic systems create hot and wet conditions that can lead to mold and mildew contamination. The GrowBLOX™ unit ensures a high percentage of cool oxygen in the root zone to help prevent mold, while maximizing nutrient uptake. Above the crown, a higher percentage of warmer carbon-dioxide increases the rates of photosynthesis and nutrient uptake to speed growth.
GrowBLOX™GrowBLOX™ is GB Sciences', pioneering self-contained growing unit that isolates and protects the plants growing inside while generating ideal growing environments. Plants sealed in the modules are safe from pest, pathogens, and environmental contaminants like mold and mildew. GrowBLOX™ units are expected to increase yield size by 30%, grow plants 20% faster than other forms of hydroponics, use 90% less water and consume less electricity than conventional grow operations. Our system does not produce any gray water pollution which allow us to have minimal negative environmental impact.