Sandra Tiffany — Owner of GWGA LLC, Former Nevada State Senator

Owner of GWGA LLC



Ms. Tiffany obtained a Nevada State cultivation certificate in 2014 and is the sole owner of GWGA.  She has been intimately involved with all aspects of her business from facility design, sourcing of fixtures, genetics, optimizing the grow environment to sales.  Green Water Farms, the GWGA brand is currently on 10 dispensary shelves and has sold trim to many production facilities.


Ms. Tiffany is also involved with a number of cannabis organizations and stays active in the Nevada political community.  She is a former Nevada State Senator and during her 14 years in the legislature, she held a number of leadership roles and authored key “game changing” legislation. She has been honored in her community and served on a number of boards and non-profit advisory boards. Ms. Tiffany was in office when Nevada voters approved the 2000 “Medical Marijuana Act.”


Ms. Tiffany’s entrepreneurial business experience is also remarkable. Before the age of 30, she established her First company, Computer Methods Inc., in which Ms. Tiffany developed and marketed a system for nuclear medicine image processing. She then parlayed that success by joining Intergraph, a computer-aided design and engineering Fortune 500 Firm. During Ms. Tiffany’s 40 years of business experience, she created and managed all of her own companies.