Leslie Bocskor — Vice-Chairman and Board Member



In the burgeoning cannabis economy, Leslie Bocskor has emerged as one of the most influential and respected global advisors for business, policy and social reform, using his unique lens and understanding of what is, what will be, and what is needed — based on decades of success in the trenches of investment banking and entrepreneurship in disruptive industries.  With his rare combination of financial market experience and business sensibilities, he is beloved by policy makers and growers, technologists and scientists, doctors and patients alike, curating the unrivaled network necessary to shepherd them all into achieving goals and prosperity.


The advisory firm he founded, Electrum Partners, works with leading companies around the globe in the hemp, legal medical cannabis, recreational cannabis, cannabis based pharmaceuticals, cannabis based nutraceuticals and supplements, technology, retails sales, processing, cultivation, ecommerce, unique brands, edibles manufacturing, intellectual property, finance and banking.  The firm is sought after to deliver high-level strategies for profitability and shareholder value, and to bring together critical partnerships and solutions that contribute positively to further develop the cannabis business ecosystem.  The company maintains relationships with key industry groups including MPP, DPA, NCIA, The ArcView Group, Red Estatal de Mujeres Antiprohibicionistas and Women Grow.


In position to provide perspective and guidance as to how the dots will be connected as the industry takes shape, Mr. Bocskor’s contributions have already had substantial impact.  He was bestowed with the 2015 ArcView Group Outstanding Member Award, and was named 2015 CEO of the Year by The Weed Blog, one of the industry’s most-trafficked media sites.  Bocskor is the founding chairman of the Nevada Cannabis Industry Association and in November 2014, Mr. Bocskor was ranked 58th of 100 Most Influential People in the Cannabis industry by Cannabis Business Executive Magazine and was soon after the subject of a Newsweek’s Special Edition Weed 2.0.Magazine feature article, “A Future Gold Mine,” and featured on CNBC’s special coverage of the Marijuana business economy among hundreds of news features and commentaries.