Dani Fontaine — Colorado Hemp Project

Colorado Hemp Project




In late 2008, Dani started her professional career in cannabis. She started Colorados first all-organic edible company called Tastee Yummees. By 2012 she sold off her recipes to Cheeba Chews and got out of the MMJ business. She has worked personally with over 5000 patients in 10 years. Still wanting to help people w cannabis, Hemp became legal in 2014 and Colorado Hemp Project was the US first legal and successful hemp crop since the prohibition. Colorado Hemp Project specializes in genetics and farm development. In 2014 Natures Root was created  by seeing a field of hemp and wanting to see a market get created and not just grow for fun. Natures Root is an all organic locally grown hemp based body care company, therapeutics line, and nutritional food. Natures Root also opened up the first hemp based spa in the world. Focusing on all things hemp, localizing, and sustainable healing for our body and earth. Dani has made a name for herself in the industry by spending a lot of time educating, spreading the word, planting hemp, pioneering new markets, developing products, working one on one with patients, traveling and being a keynote speaker at many different events. Dani also works with interested Universities and state officials that would like to get hemp into their area, so she helps develop a local market and plan. She has helped pioneer the industries in Colorado, Jamaica, Hawaii, Tennessee, North Carolina, Guyana and more.