Biopharma Pipeline

To help our patients, GB Sciences is creating a pipeline for the development of novel medicines based on our own patent-pending formulations of chemicals extracted from the Cannabis plant.

Through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Growblox Life Sciences, LLC, GB Sciences has now filed one full patent application protecting its neurodegenerative disease-targeting formulations; as well as two provisional patent applications on GB Sciences’ proprietary formulas designed to treat inflammatory disorders, heart disorders and chronic pain. In December of 2016, we had licensed an approved patent for heart disease based on cannabinoid receptor action. In October of 2017, we obtained the exclusive worldwide license on a time-release cannabinoid formulation designed to treat neuropathic pain.


All of GB Sciences’ formulas contain complex mixtures of compounds derived from cannabis. Some of our products are designed for sale in dispensaries in those states where we hold privileged medical marijuana licenses. In addition, some of our THC-free and CBD-free based formulas may be sold through nutraceutical or cosmeceutical channels, and other products will be positioned for full US FDA approval and national marketing.