Innovation in Medical Cannabis Therapies Symposium

Top Minds Join GB Sciences’ Think-Tank for the Advancement of Cannabis-based Medicines

LAS VEGAS, March 15, 2018/PR Newswire/–GB Sciences, Inc. (OTCQB: GBLX) is pleased to announce their sponsorship of the 1st Annual “Innovation in Medical Cannabis Therapies” Symposium in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Friday, June 1st, 2018.  Top innovators in cannabis tech, biotech, nanotech, and metabolomics are invited to this collaborative discussion, which was designed to explore the necessary advances across multiple fields that are required for the development of safe and effective plant-based medicines.

The GBS philosophy is that real innovation is only possible when researchers are supported to do the work that they love and are given the freedom to do it without the regimented business activities that characterize traditional pharma.

We predict an explosion of cannabis-based medicines in the next decade; however, there are still key areas where tech and biotech innovations are necessary before plant-based medicines will become a reality,” explains Dr. Andrea Small Howard, Chief Science Officer of GB Sciences, Inc.  “GB Sciences has developed an innovative research and development program by welcoming and collaborating with researchers who cannot otherwise find a suitable forum or research partner for their work due to their novel approaches in solving problems… in other words, people who think and operate just like us.”

The GBS approach to research is always grounded in solid science and The Life Sciences team, a division of GB Sciences, has discovered that other researches who ascribe to this nontraditional mindset usually find funding and partnering difficult to come by.

“The uncomfortable truth is that traditional pharma has been dabbling in cannabinoid research for fifty years, but they keep falling back on reductionist thinking; like single compounds for single targets and their use of synthetic molecules.” said Dr. Andrea Small Howard.

GBS Life Sciences is currently working with research scientists in seven locations to discover disease-modifying compounds that occur naturally in the cannabis plant and has organized this symposium to gather more like-minded innovators who will create both novel cannabis-based medicines to help the many patients who need therapeutic options, as well as the tech and biotech tools to manufacture and develop those plant-based medicines.

 “GB Sciences is committed to promoting innovation in the creation of cannabis therapies, but we know that we cannot do it alone.” Said John Poss, CEO and Chairman of GB Sciences; “Supporting programs like this is our way of encouraging others to join us and to ride this wave of innovation. True cooperation by like-minded people is the only way that this industry can move forward in a positive direction.”

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Tom Arcuragi, EVP,

2018 Innovation in Medical Cannabis Therapies Symposium

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Where: The Keeping Memory Alive Event Center at the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health


Address: 888 W Bonneville Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89106


When: Friday, Nov. 9th, 2018


Time: 9:00am to 5:00pm


INNOVATION IN MEDICAL CANNABIS THERAPIES: GB Sciences presents an exciting range of innovations necessary for plant-based medical cannabis therapies to become available through main stream channels.


Fee: Free to attend. Registration required.

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Contact Charlie Agar at with questions

Event Breakdown — Nov. 9, 9 am to 5 pm

Full List of Symposium Speakers and Bios

CLICK HERE for speaker biographies and information about participants in this year’s symposium

9:35am to 10:15am — PATIENT NEEDS: A Physician-Patient-Caregiver Dialogue

  • What aspects are working in state-run “safe access” programs for patients & caregivers?
  • What is missing? How could medical cannabis products be improved?
  • How could the system be modified to ensure patient’s medical needs are met?

Dr. Zoltan Mari (Cleveland Clinic)

Parkinson’s patient spokesperson and their caregiver

Jamilliah Ali-Raman (CEO, Friends of Parkinson’s)

Meredith Patterson (RN)


  • For many patients, dried flower is their medicine (sleeping, appetite, anti-anxiety, etc.)
  • What combination of techniques and technologies help to ensure safety and consistency from batch to batch?
  • What can be done to improve upon the current industry standards?

Dr. Philip Elzer (Executive Assoc. Dean, LSU Ag Center)

Dr. Ulrich Reimann-Philipp (Lead Botanist, GB Sciences Louisiana)

Brent Perkins (President & COO, Scynce LED)

Dani Fontaine (Colorado Hemp Project)

Steve Joyner (Quantum Shop)

2:35pm to 3:15pm — CLINICAL TRIALS: Challenges & Opportunities

  • Challenges/Opportunities through the US FDA versus International Clinical Trials
  • US FDA Process = FDA, DEA, and NIDA; Sole Source of Medical Cannabis from Ole Miss
  • US Trials done under State Cannabis Programs versus Federal FDA-Registration (Pros/Cons)

Dr. Carlos Rios-Bedoya (McLaren Health)

Dr. Ziva Cooper (Columbia University)

Dr. Michael Murphy (Founder, World Wide Clinical)

Dr. Amrit Seetharam (CurAccel)

3:35pm to 4:05pm — LEGISLATIVE: Need for industry involvement in driving positive change.

  • What areas could be improved, potentially state-by-state, to enhance the effectiveness of Cannabis Research and legitimization of Cannabis as Medicine?
  • Challenges/Opportunities through the US FDA versus International Clinical Trials
  • US FDA Process = FDA, DEA, and NIDA; Sole Source of Medical Cannabis from Ole Miss
  • US Trials done under State Cannabis Programs versus Federal FDA-Registration (Pros/Cons)

Elizabeth Ashford (Founder, Ceres Strategies)

Richard S. “Tick” Segerblom (Nevada State Senator)

John Davis (President, GB Sciences Louisiana)

Sandra Tiffany (Owner, GWGA, LLC and former Nevada State Senator)

4:45pm to 5:00pm TAKE-AWAYS FROM THE AUDIENCE: Live Feedback from This Event

Moderated by Dr. Michael Farley, Valor Management, S.A.