Frequently Asked Questions

Some common questions for the GB Sciences Team below.

Where is GB Sciences headquartered?

We are based at our production facilities and corporate headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada.

How do I buy GB stock, where is it traded?

Our stock is traded on the NASDAQ QB marketplace, and it can be bought simply by calling any US-registered broker-dealer.

When does your fiscal year end?

Our fiscal year end is March 31st.

When will your annual report be available?

Our annual report for 2016 is presently available.  2017 is in progress.

Who is your independent registered accounting firm?

Our firm is Soles, Heyn &Co.


Isn’t marijuana still federally illegal? How do you deal with that problem?

Announced federal policy has been not to interfere with cannabis operations that are conducted in accordance with state rules regarding legalization. We scrupulously follow the state regulations in Nevada, and we make certain not to run afoul of any federal warning signs. We are a public company and we have been operating for some years by having filed a form “S-1” with the United States securities and exchange commission. Although this does not constitute a federal endorsement of any kind, it does show that at least one branch of the federal government recognizes the legality and propriety of our operations.

Are you involved in recreational cannabis?

Our primary focus is pharmaceutical research. Because marijuana is still classified as a schedule one drug by the federal government, it can only be legally possessed in states where it has been legalized despite the federal prohibition, and it cannot be transported across state lines. Therefore, in order to do our drug discovery work, we needed to be licensed by the state of Nevada. That license enables us to cultivate marijuana in quantities larger than we need for pharmaceutical research purposes, but it also enables us to provide the cash flow to finance our research by selling into the recreational market for cannabis that commences July 1 in our state.

How do you sell your product? Do you have your own retail outlets?

We have licenses to cultivate marijuana and produce substances that contain marijuana, and we have an interest in two dispensaries (the only entities that may legally sell to the public) in Las Vegas. Therefore we may sell our product only to licensed dispensaries, not limited to those in which we have an interest. Originally, the state granted us a provisional license to own and control our own dispensary, but we felt that serious pharmaceutical companies do not deal directly with the public. Pfizer, as an example, sells its product by means of prescriptions written by licensed physicians, with the actual dispensing of the product accomplished by a licensed pharmacy. For the same reason that Pfizer does not feel the necessity to own retail pharmacies, we do not need to own our own dispensary and are content to sell through those outlets that are owned by third parties.


How can I contact you for more information

Contact our Director of Publicity, Liz Bianco, at