Competitive Advantage

GB Sciences has several advantages over both pharmaceutical companies and academic researchers when it comes to the discovery and validation of new drug formulations from cannabis-derived compounds.

We do elegant science

Our drug discovery program was created by a small team of highly proficient scientists who can identify a set of problems and create a single elegant solution. That solution is the powerful combination of GB Sciences’ proprietary in silico prediction approach, termed the GBS Network Pharmacology Platform (“NPP”), as well as GBS Global Biopharma’s high-throughput screening techniques using cell-based models. We like to think that we work smarter, not harder.

We are trying to help Patient groups that aren’t being helped by other Companies.

Before starting our drug discovery work, GB Sciences selected patient groups based on the following criteria: a) these patient groups were not receiving adequate care from current or experimental pharmaceuticals; b) the disease processes involved drug development targets that were responsive to cannabis-derived compounds; and c) the preclinical work to develop these therapies for FDA trials were facilitated by well-established cell and animal models.