GB Sciences' Chief Science Officer Featured on the Cover of the Marijuana Business Magazine

LAS VEGAS , Oct. 9, 2019 /CNW/ — GB Sciences, Inc. (GBLX) is featured in the October 2019 edition of the Marijuana Business Magazine. This edition ( examines the evolution of the medical marijuana market to serve the unique needs of two distinct market segments; providing: (1) disease-targeted medicines requiring federal government-approvals and (2) the burgeoning wellness market. Dr. Andrea Small-Howard , GB Sciences’ Chief Science Officer and Director, explains why GB Sciences is well-positioned to provide research-supported product formulations for both market segments.

My hope is that there will be a stratification that serves both kinds of customers-serious medical patients and wellness patients. They’re two very different but very real customer groups,” explains Dr. Small-Howard, CSO and Director of GB Sciences. “Our research-driven approach to product development allows us to better serve both of these new market segments.”

Despite the growth of adult use markets in the US, GB Sciences is one of several companies that sees the evolution of the medical marijuana industry as an exciting opportunity. Over the past five years, GB Sciences has focused on developing a rich network of research partners and associates within a dozen universities, hospitals, and product development companies in the US and internationally. Now GB Sciences is leveraging this network and their eight patent-pending product families to create science-driven products with complex formulations and novel delivery methods to better serve the therapeutic needs of both customer groups.

“We’ve always been heading towards the creation of both US FDA-approved and branded wellness products that are more complex formulations with a scientific mindset; for example, our cannabis-based formulation to treat Parkinson’s that is now in animal trials,” relates Dr. Small-Howard. “On the wellness side, we are convinced that novel delivery systems, such as oral thin films, will allow convenient and more efficacious dosing of cannabis compounds for customers who want the therapeutic benefits of these cannabis-based ingredients.”

John Poss , CEO of GB Sciences, commenting on the article, explains another significant factor in wellness product lines: “Pharmaceuticals can take a decade or more to develop, but wellness products can help patients right now. For example, someone with Parkinson’s Disease may be aided through a wellness product designed to support sleep, or someone with PTSD may be eased with a wellness product formulated to reduce anxiety. GB Sciences is committed to taking some of our products through the US FDA, but we don’t want patients to continue to suffer while waiting for those products to be approved and available. Although our current patent applications cover formulations addressing over 60 medical conditions, we have identified three or four that are destined for the US FDA route, while many others will be developed for the health and wellness markets. These wellness products do not contain THC, which opens many distribution possibilities.”