Financial Strategy

GB Sciences is leading the way with innovative cannabis cultivation methods to improve and standardize production.

We then apply the highest standards to our biopharmaceutical research of cannabis to identify and create Cannabis-based medical formulations. Once approved, these therapies will be the basis for doctor’s recommendations and use in mainstream medicines.

The GB Sciences products are also the "Intel Inside" for both medical and recreational formulations in the cannabis industry, providing clean, consistence cannabis products.

Patentable Formulations

The research and development team at GB Sciences is actively pursuing new formulations derived from specific strains of cannabis, creating patented formulations that will help patients.

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Cannabis Products

GB Sciences provides clean, reliable raw materials for a host of cannabis products and research initiatives. It is our goal to be the "Intel Inside" for cannabis products worldwide.

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Kush Cups
GB Sciences provides the raw product for Keurig-compatible Kush Cups in Nevada.
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