Tissue Culture Propagation

GB Sciences has a streamlined process for growing medical-grade cannabis. We use a proprietary method of tissue culture propagation. This makes our strains consistent from one generation to the next and it produces reliable raw material.  We provide this organic material to select recreational cannabis partners and use it for our research in cannabis-based therapies.

Why Tissue Culture?

Our process for propagating from cannabis tissue ensures purity of strains from one generation to the next.

​Consistency matters.

Tissue culture propagation ensures a consistent, medical-grade cannabis for use in research and as raw material for partner products.

Commercial Opportunities

Our controlled propagation ensures that generation after generation of harvests at GB Sciences are identical.



Pharma-Grade Clean Rooms

Run by a team of scientists and experienced growers, our state-of-the-art Cultivation Labs facility in Las Vegas, Nevada, is setting standards in the industry. We tightly oversee every aspect of cannabis cultivation, ensuring a consistent product.

Clean Rooms

From propagation through cultivation and curing, our plants are grown in Cleanrooms.

Meticulous Care

Following best practices borrowed from pharmaceutical manufacturing, our experienced team monitors every phase of growth in a meticulously controlled environment.

Consistency is the Outcome

The results are consistent strains for use in research and as raw material for our partners. 



Clean Through Curing

Curing is the process of harvesting and preparing the raw material for use. At GB Sciences, we maintain tightly controlled standards from harvest through distribution.

Timing is Everything

As buds begin to mature, we ready for the harvest. Carefully, we watch them ripen, in order to harvest the the plants at their peak. 

Consistency matters.

A few plants are selected to check uniformity of compounds from plant to plant.

​Control for quality and compliance.

The plants are then carefully cured in order to create the best consistent and pure medicine.




Extraction of botanicals is defined as the preparation of any oil,powder or byproduct derived from a natural occurring botanical.  The main goal of providing extracts of the cannabis plant is to control purity and consistency through the isolation of individual compounds.  Through the isolation of these compounds, further fractionation can be performed for purity and potency, ultimately to be used for various methods/routes of administration.

CO2 Extraction

CO2 is a non-combustible, readily-available, federally-approved compound used to strip the plant material of its medicinal constituents and sterols. THC, CBD, CBN, CBG, and terpenes/terpenoids are all extracted from the plant material and are transported to a collection vessel for further purification into a high-potency viscous oil.


Winterization using USP Grade 200 Proof ethanol is then conducted to separate any remaining plant sterols and/or waxes from the known medicinal compounds found in the cannabis oil. The oil/ethanol mixture is placed in a cryogenic freezer to allow separation and dissolution of these materials and is subsequently micron filtered for removal of waxes and sterols. 

Molecular Distillation

Molecular Distillation is then employed to fractionate the oil into its respective constituents. Utilizing vapor pressure in a closed-loop environment, the cannabis oil is taken apart molecularly to separate out the medicinal compounds into individual vials/vessels. Any "waste" product is batched and stored for further assay and R&D.