David Rabinowitz
Dec 14, 2016

Quality Control creates and maintains specifications of starting materials and defines critical control points which are necessary in any manufacturing process.Quality Assurance's main objective is to assures those process parameters have been met and documented to illustrate control, consistency and reproducability. 


Dream Of Medical-Grade Cannabis Derived Goods.

Currently the market for cannabis derived compounds is at a stand still.  This is due to the unfortunate regulatory restrictions. These restrictions were put in place by agencies that lack the drive to create policy based on scientific evidence.  The opportunity which lies before GB Sciences is rooted in the ability to grow and process cannabis from seed to sale. Control is the most crucial element in creating a consistent and reproducible product whether it's pharmaceutical compounds, electronic equipment, or everyone’s beloved girl scout cookies (no not the marijuana strain).  As GB Sciences begins its vertically integrated venture into the medical world of cannabis, we will implement cGMP quality control checks and processes. This ensures the product being delivered to dispensaries and eventually our patients is of the highest quality, potency and purity on the market. 

GB Sciences commitment to quality will begin at the sourcing phase, where all inbound materials to be used in production and cultivation are procured from qualified and vetted suppliers.  This will be ensured by the Quality Management Team through physical and paper audits.  Once all starting materials of the critical processes have been verified and established, critical quality control points such as room temperature and humidity will be created and enforced.  Through the enforcement of environmental controls GB will be able to collect data to optimize plant growth. Once data has been collected and used to optimize processes, GB will have ensured potency and consistency of the finished extracts through third party analytical testing facilities in accordance with NRS regulations.