John Poss
Dec 30, 2016

The Future of Pharma

Dear Friend,

Welcome to GB Sciences, The Biopharma Company of the Future.  We will become the trusted medical-grade brand because we make it the old-fashioned way—we grow it. This means that living plants are being cultivated in state-of-the-art clean rooms using our proprietary method of tissue propagation in order to insure the consistent quality of our cannabis.

This is Real Medicine. 

Our GB Sciences team identifies and extracts healing compounds from living cannabis plants. We have a provisional pending patent on an anti-inflammatory treatment that will address conditions such as chronic arthritis, IBS and Crohn’s disease.  We are THERE.

The growth potential for the company is LARGE.

GB is unique in that we finance our all-important scientific research and development by selling off the of the psychoactive compounds found in the plant, such as THC, to our retail recreational partners. This is far and away the most efficient method of financing new drug discovery. 

We are alone, happily

The current federal impediments to banking, along with silly taxation policies and the dearth of  traditional Wall Street financing, has prevented Big Pharma from competing in this area of organic cannabis medication. We will create a highly innovative biopharma pipeline to research, formulate, patent and vend product to Big Pharma, while selling the clean and safe by-products in co-branded partnerships to recreational retail. This gives us an enviable and unprecedented position as a first mover across both arenas.  The GB mark means premium medical grade formulations…consistent, trusted and pure.

John Poss

Press Release to come.